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Intuitive Interface

Vocab Pro provides a simple and elegant user interface which gets you language learning immediately. With minimal effort, flashcards swipe left and right using multi-touch gestures. Flag words that you have difficulty with for later review. No complicated setup required, just load your vocabulary file and you are ready to start a flashcard slideshow.

Beautiful Design

Aesthetics are important. To go the distance looking at a slideshow app, you want it to look good. So Vocab Pro comes with an attractive background in eight different colors. If you are working in a non-Latin script, you need a good unicode font to display your vocab clearly. Along with the fonts already installed on your device, Vocab Pro includes several other great unicode fonts:

ProVoc File Format

Vocab Pro uses the popular ProVoc file format. ProVoc is a sensational Mac application for vocabulary learning available for free. Using ProVoc on your Mac, you can easily create and edit all the files you need to use with Vocab Pro on your device. (N.B. Files cannot be edited directly in Vocab Pro.)

Vocab Pro will also play audio that is associated with your word (but other media, such as images, are not supported).

Massive File Database

Vocab Pro gives you in-app access to the massive (and growing) ProVoc database. Browse and download from an extraordinary list of over 3500 free vocab files.